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Hello, we are The New Kaos Order. Our mission is simple: spearhead an exhibitionist alliance with the goal of extreme taxation and Dark Sector monopoly.

As a clan, we are the finest legion of Tenno in the Origin System. 
We dream of a day when our name is spoken in awe. 

As an Alliance, we are the dominators of the Origin System.
We dream of a day where our name will be seen on all Dark Sectors, and half of all the credits earned will belong to us.

The New Kaos Order holds the entire Origin System within reach. Vast riches, fame, and infamy await those who remain loyal to our cause. 

Even If you are new to Warframe, you are welcome; so long as you are willing to spend the time to make yourself from nothing special into something truly grand. (with plenty of help and guidance, of course!)

Are you a member of another clan, but feel like a diamond gear trapped in an old, rusty machine that's full of the cobwebs of sloth and inactivity? You will not be disappointed if you turn your back on the dead or dying machine you were once wasting your time and talent serving.  Being part of The New Kaos Order allows you to focus your efforts as a powerful engine for a deadly war machine, fueling the fire of riches, fame, and possible infamy. The New Kaos Order will not  waste your talent!

Are you a clan leader in search of an alliance seeking to wreak havoc and reap fame? Apply to join Amphi Naga K today! [just click here to apply (link pending)]

Clans we are proud to declare alliance to through Amphi Naga K:

Clan Black Storm Hunters

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